How to Create a Morning Routine You Will Love

How we can create a morning routine when it feels like we don’t have any time to ourselves. How long does it take to create a new habit of waking up early for a new morning routine? And what’s the overall gain of a morning routine?

Below is an overview of my conversation with Chanelle about how to create a morning routine you’ll love. Listen to episode #41 of the Grace for Single Parents podcast to hear the entire interview.

How to Create a Morning Routine that Works for You

The purpose of a morning routine

  • From a simple start of a morning routine, I noticed that later in the day, when everything was falling apart, I wasn’t falling apart.
  • I noticed that even doing a little made a big difference.

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How Can We have a consistent morning routine with small children?

  • If you’re not getting sleep, if your kids are waking up in the night, it is not time for you to start a morning routine you’re in survival mode and you just need to survive and get all the sleep that you can.
  • Just start off really small, even 10 minutes before, your kids are going to get up.
  • The truth is, even if we just get in a few minutes, when we start our day intentionally, the way we want to, rather than with a baby crying or a toddler, in our face, it sets a real tone for the day and we feel so much better throughout the day.

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What should we put into our morning routine?

  • You want to create an environment that supports your habits

Questions to ask yourself about what to put into your morning routine:

  • What do I need in my morning?
  • What things am I missing throughout the day?
  • Or if I had time to myself, what do I always think?

Time to develop a new habit

  • When you’re thinking about your morning routine, you want to think about how can I create habits?
  • The thing that you want to do is do the same thing, in the same way, every day, and then allow yourself a range within those activities. So if you want to have five activities that you do every morning, that’s fine. You can start with all of them, but you want to take as many choices out of your morning as you can.
  • As much as possible, create the one habit that links to the next. And that keeps you going every day because you don’t have to question.

Above was an overview of my conversation with Chanelle about how to create a morning routine you’ll love. To hear the entire interview, listen to episode #41 of Grace for Single Parents podcast.

Where to find Chanelle

Get a free copy of her done-for-you morning routine. It’s a short yoga video, meditation and journal prompts that can be completed in 10 minutes.

How to Create a Morning Routine You Will Love