Christianity Is Declining in America: Here Are 17 Reasons Why

SharePinEmailYour faith is important to you, but many Americans are turning away from the love of Jesus Christ in alarming numbers. But what are the reasons for the declining numbers of Christians in America today? Here are 17 reasons why this is happening and what you can do to help. Secularism Is On the Rise…

Your faith is important to you, but many Americans are turning away from the love of Jesus Christ in alarming numbers. But what are the reasons for the declining numbers of Christians in America today? Here are 17 reasons why this is happening and what you can do to help.

Secularism Is On the Rise

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Many Americans are turning to secularism, omitting religion from their lives completely. The rise of secularism is due to reliance on science as well as rationalizing Biblical teachings. This is influenced by secular values presented in the media, as well as in education and politics. Three in ten American adults are religiously unaffiliated, with 29% of Americans describing themselves as atheist.

Awareness of Other Religions

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A multicultural society enables Americans to mix with different cultures and gain awareness of the different religions and spiritualities out there. Some people may be intrigued by other religious texts that are new to them and dismiss familiar Christianity. Today, 63% of Americans are Christians, compared with 78% in 2007, with the biggest decline concentrated in Protestantism.

Christianity Is Old Fashioned

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Gone are the days when young people are expected to go to Church, or else be reprimanded by their elders! Today, young people must want to go to Church, but many view Christianity as old-fashioned. Modern adaptations to the Church would help appeal to younger generations.

Differing Social Values

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Young Americans view diversity and inclusivity as fundamental social values that cannot be compromised. This includes LGBTQ+ rights and gender equality. Unfortunately, some young people view a conflict between Christianity and the values they hold dear.

Advances in Technology

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At one time, Americans listened to their Church leader and their elders for their Biblical teachings. But now the internet contains alternative interpretations of each Christian teaching, some unfavorably. This is a significant influence on young Americans who trust the internet and social media completely.

Interfaith Relationships

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A multicultural society has led to a rise in interfaith relationships, with 40% of marriages being interfaith marriages in North America since 2010. Whilst this is superb for social cohesion and a blended community, it can be difficult for couples to follow their own respective religions, particularly if they then choose to have children. Sometimes, one or both religions are abandoned as a result.

The Individual

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Society today endorses the importance of the individual. You should have personal freedom and express yourself in any way you want. But this can contradict the misunderstood restrictions of Christianity, making people reject Christianity so they can do what they want to do at all times. It is essential to highlight to others that whilst you as an individual are important, you must put others before yourself, just like Jesus Christ did. Being selfless, kind, and helping others reaps more rewards in the long term than self-importance and self-obsession.

Institutional Scandals

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Unfortunately, there have been many scandals that hit Christianity in the 20th century and beyond. This includes allegations of sexual abuse and predator behavior in some denominations and has driven some Americans away from the Church in response. Surprisingly, it’s middle-aged Americans who aren’t going back to Church as a result of this.


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Some Americans are disillusioned with the idea of Christianity being the one true path to salvation, and that non-believers will not be saved. Adopting a gentle approach with people is advised, helping them see the real meaning of Christianity. Welcoming non-believers with open arms is the best way to help them see the light of the Lord.

Examining the Bible

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Today, the Bible is scrutinized more than ever. At one time, the Bible was taken as the Word of the Lord, never to be questioned. But now, people critically analyze the Bible, questioning its validity and diminishing their respect for Christianity. Whilst questioning is okay and should be encouraged, scrutinizers should be neutral and welcome any findings. Unfortunately, some people analyze the Bible to look for discrepancies.

Christianity Is Outdated

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With the rise of secularism and the focus on the individual taking center stage, some Americans view Christianity as an outdated practice that isn’t needed anymore. Share the teachings of Jesus Christ with them so they can see the light of the Lord once more. You could also encourage your Church to do more to attract young Americans to Christianity, modernizing the service or holding tailored events.


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Some Americans view some Christian denominations as solely obsessed with money, power, and control. This can repel some people away from Christianity. Show them authenticity and the true meaning of having Jesus Christ in their heart.

Alternative Spirituality

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Some Americans are attracted by an alternative, New Age spirituality, rejecting the traditional structures held by Christianity and conformity. Such spiritual followings are less rigid and focus on the individual and their truth much more. But some New Age followers may return to the Church once the excitement of something new has faded, so don’t give up on them!


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More people are highly educated than ever before in America. The unintended consequence of this is that more people question what they are told and use the critical thinking skills they have learned. This leads to skepticism of Christian teachings.

Political Association

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Many Americans align Christianity with the Republican party due to the similarities in issues such as abortion and marriage. Unfortunately, this stigma drives some Americans away from the Church even though it is a complete misunderstanding; a Christian can choose any political party, regardless of their policies. 

Popular Culture

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Popular culture in the 21st century is awash with secular values and a humanist approach. As the media is a significant part of many Americans’ lives, particularly young Americans, they are undoubtedly influenced by this and struggle to find God in a “Godless” media.


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Some Americans may have turned away from the Church due to their own personal experiences and trauma. This could range from negative exclusions, such as being excluded from Church events and community groups to traumatic abuse at the hands of a predator.

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