Choosing Hope Over Despair: How to Overcome Obstacles in Life

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Four steps to remember when you’re facing a difficult obstacle in your life. These will help you to choose hope over despair.

overview: Choosing hope over despair and overcome obstacles in life

(0:30) Angela introduces herself and dives right into the 4Ds

  • The 4Ds: Decide, Deal, Determination, and Defeat, which is her formula to success to “turn every stumbling block into a stepping stone”
  • It all begins like everything else with the decision. So the first D is to always decide. You have to decide if you want to be a good parent. If you want to be a good wife, a good entrepreneur, a good employee-employer, whatever it takes, it’s always a decision.
  • Second D is deal because you have to deal with life issues and certain things from time to time as a result of the decision.
  • So after you decide your deal, and then you have to be determined that nothing is going to throw you off your game no matter what.
  • And then ultimately you defeat it.

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(3:49) How to Stay Positive and Keep Going

  • Instead of your circumstances turning you into a victim, turn your circumstances into victories.
  • I really have to pump up Angela, just as much as I pump up everybody else.
  • Angela talks about how she does this with meditation, affirmations, working on her mindset, and journaling.

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Angela Marshall

(8:02) We talk about Angela’s autobiography, “’Reality to Rags to Riches; The Story and Life of an Ex-NFL Wife” and the lessons she learned and why she wrote the book.

(12:03) Angela’s advice for single moms.

  • Your children see and understand more than you realize. And don’t lose sight of your dreams and yourself. Single moms pour into others so much that often we don’t have anything left for ourselves.
Choosing Hope Over Despair: How to Overcome Obstacles in Life