18 Uncomfortable Aspects of Christianity You May Not Be Prepared For

SharePinEmailMany people accept the tenets of Christianity on trust, but there are some uncomfortable things about Christianity that you may not be ready to hear. By learning about these things, you can open yourself up to a world of possibilities and strengthen your relationship with God.  It’s Not Perfect While God may be divine, the…

Many people accept the tenets of Christianity on trust, but there are some uncomfortable things about Christianity that you may not be ready to hear. By learning about these things, you can open yourself up to a world of possibilities and strengthen your relationship with God. 

It’s Not Perfect

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While God may be divine, the religion of Christianity was created by man. Therefore, it is not perfect. Christianity is full of people who make mistakes and that brings controversy with it. Some people reinterpret the Bible to suit different ideas or to justify harmful behavior. 

Solving Personal Problems

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Many people like to think that embracing Christianity will mean that all personal problems will be magically solved. Unfortunately, this is not the case and you will still have challenges that you’ll need to overcome.

solving the World’s Problems

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Just as with personal problems, Christianity can’t solve all the world’s problems. No religion can eliminate poverty or cure all diseases, but it can offer guidance and hope during those difficult times. 

It’s Not For Everyone

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Although Christians believe that Christianity is the only path, there are lots of other religions with their own. albeit similar, gods. Some people may prefer to follow a different path that resonates with them. 

It’s Not Always Fair

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Evil and sin are part of our world, so bad things can still happen. Although you may want to trust that God is behind everything, sometimes life simply isn’t fair. Prayer can provide some comfort when you’re struggling, but it can still be hard to understand why some things happen. 

There is a History of Violence

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Religious belief has been the root cause of many conflicts around the world throughout history and Christianity is no exception. From the Crusades to the Spanish Inquisition, there has been a history of violence associated with Christianity. While you may want to think about Christianity as a loving, caring religion, it is important to remember that many people have fought to oppress other religions or beliefs. 

The Bible is Open to Interpretation

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The Bible was not all written at the same time and it is divided into Gospels, letters, and other sections written by different people. This creates different perspectives and the possibility of alternative interpretations. You are free to disagree with other people on how you interpret the Bible.

No Happiness Guarantees

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Christianity is considered the way to happiness, but this doesn’t mean that your life will be 100% happy all of the time. Even good Christians still have problems to deal with, but Christianity can provide comfort and support when you are dealing with difficulties. 

It Can Be Used to Justify Bad Behavior

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Religion is often at the foundation of conflict, and it can also be used to justify bad behavior. For example, some people use Christianity as a way to justify misogyny, when the key concept of Christianity is love and caring. 

It’s Not Always Logical

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Christianity is faith-based and not driven by logic, which can cause some issues. While logic is used to reach a reasoned conclusion, faith cannot prove anything. You may even find contradictions in the Bible that defy logic. You simply need to remember that the Bible was written by different people and is open to interpretation.

Christianity is Not Static

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Christianity has seen many changes over the years and some practices that were strictly followed are no longer seen as a big deal. For example, only a couple of decades ago, eating meat on Fridays was strictly forbidden, but now many Christians don’t bother with this tradition. Christianity tends to evolve with common moral standards so it is open to change. 

It Can Be Divisive

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With the issues of the modern world and the different interpretations of the Bible, Christianity can be divisive. There are dozens of denominations, each with their differences. While Jesus urged us to adopt unity, there have been conflicts, such as the troubles in Ireland, which flared up between two different Christian groups. 

It Can Trigger Passionate Debates

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Several Bible verses can cause a massive reaction from modern readers. Some passages are considered insensitive or offensive by today’s standards. It is important to appreciate that you can have different opinions and to keep in mind the concepts of love and forgiveness that remain tenets of the Christian faith.

There Have Been Controversial Leaders

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Throughout history, there have been some controversial church leaders who have made people question the concept of Christianity. From power struggles to scandals and even assaults, there have been numerous issues over many years. Remember that only God is perfect and all humans are vulnerable to sin, even those who hold a senior position in the church.

It Can Lead to Hate

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Many issues in the Bible seem at odds with today’s moral standards. This can lead some Christians to hate those they consider sinners. But it is important to remember to love the sinner, hate the sin, and remember that Jesus said: “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

It Can Be Used to Justify Oppression

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Another thing you may not be ready to hear about Christianity is that it can be used to justify oppression. Many people interpret the Bible in such a way as to put down some groups of people. For example, some people who claim to be good Christians abuse women. 

There are Hypocrites

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One atheist argument about Christianity that is common is that there are many hypocrites in the religion. Indeed, many people don’t practice what they preach, but this is a human failing and not a failing of Christianity as a whole.

The Key Takeaway

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While there are some uncomfortable elements of Christianity, it is important to remember that this religion is based on faith. Although you may not want to hear about problematic church leaders or issues some people have with Christians, if you try to follow Christ’s teachings of love and forgiveness, you can develop a strong relationship with God and your fellow man. 

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