18 Tough Questions That’ll Challenge Even the Most Devout Christian

SharePinEmailBeing a Christian means more than simply going to church on Sundays or saying grace before meals. You’ve got to dig deep and ask yourself some tough questions about your faith, how you live it, and what it really means to you. Here are 18 questions that might make you think a bit harder about…

Being a Christian means more than simply going to church on Sundays or saying grace before meals. You’ve got to dig deep and ask yourself some tough questions about your faith, how you live it, and what it really means to you. Here are 18 questions that might make you think a bit harder about your beliefs. 

How Do I Use the Bible in My Everyday Life?

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Do you keep your Bible in the back of the closet, or is it well-worn from daily use? It’s worth thinking about how those ancient words play out in your daily life. If you ask yourself, “How do I use the Bible in my everyday life?” then it might open your eyes to the parts of your faith that might need a little more attention or a different approach.

What Do I Think About Prayer?

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When you fold your hands and bow your head, what are you really thinking about? Prayer is meant to be a conversation with God, so ask yourself, “What do I think about prayer?” Taking the time to think about what you’re actually saying instead of just going through the motions can make you see your spirituality in a new way.

How Do I Handle People Challenging My Beliefs?

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Being challenged in your beliefs or questioned about your faith happens often. But what do you do when that happens? Do you get defensive? Shut down? Or do you see it as a chance to explain and even examine what you believe? Your reaction will affect the strength of your faith and show you where you might need some extra understanding or patience.

Am I Actually Forgiving As Jesus Taught?

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Think about the last time you really forgave someone and didn’t just say, “It’s okay.” Ask yourself if you’re really forgiving like Jesus taught by letting go of that grudge. It’s not easy, but how you handle forgiveness will tell you a lot about your commitment to Jesus’s teachings and maybe where you could be a bit more like Him.

How Do I Really Define Love as a Christian?

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While you probably know you should “love your neighbor,” are you sure you’re actually doing it? Love, in the Christian sense, is supposed to be unconditional, so ask yourself, “How do I really define love as a Christian?”  This should match up with how you treat people, especially the ones hard to love, and if not, you might want to reconsider your approach to things. 

Does My Faith Influence My Choices?

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a small decision at the grocery store or a big life-changing choice because your faith probably plays a role. But how much? Are you thinking about your faith when you make decisions, or is it more of an afterthought? Seeing where your values fit into your daily choices can be quite enlightening.

What Are My Views on Heaven and Hell?

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Heaven and hell aren’t just concepts for Sunday school but ideas that can guide how you live your life. Ask yourself, “What are my views on heaven and hell?” How they fit into your worldview could change how seriously you take some parts of your faith and how you approach life.

How Am I Helping Others Because of My Faith?

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Service is big in Christianity, like helping at a food bank and being there for a friend. How you help others says a lot about your faith in action, so ask yourself, “How am I helping others because of my faith?” If you can’t remember the last time you helped someone because of your faith, then you might not be properly living out those Christian ideals.

What Role Does Church Really Play in My Life?

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Is church just a Sunday thing for you, or is it part of the actual foundations of your life? Think about what the church really means to you by asking, “What role does Church really play in my life?” This way, you can figure out what you want it to be, especially regarding community, worship, or just your general habits.

How Do I Deal With Doubts About My Faith?

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Everyone doubts, and that includes Christians. But what you do with those doubts can really make a difference in your spiritual life. Do you shove them down or face them head-on? It’s okay to question, as what matters is how you handle those questions, so ask yourself, “How do I deal with doubts about my faith?”

How Important Are Christian Holidays to Me?

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How do you treat Christmas and Easter? Are they a big deal to you, or are they just days for good food and time off? Think about what these holidays truly mean to you by asking yourself, “How important are Christian holidays to me.” Asking this can help you feel a little more appreciation for them and what they celebrate.

What Do I Think About Science and Religion?

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Some people say science and faith clash, while others find them complementary. Where do you stand? Figure out how you think of these two so you can better understand your own stance on a number of issues or even improve your sense of faith. Don’t shy away from the tough questions or the big scientific discoveries. 

How Do I Share My Faith with Others?

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Talking about your faith can be hard. Are you pushy? Gentle? Non-existent? Your approach to sharing your beliefs might need some changes if you want to be more effective, so you may want to ask yourself, “How do I share my faith with others?” Think carefully about the way you approach conversations about faith and whether they’re dialogue or monologue.

What Does Being “Saved” Really Mean to Me?

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“Saved” is an important word in Christianity, but beyond church talk, what does it really mean for you? Personalizing this idea can help you understand the core of your faith, so think about your own journey and experiences. How does this idea of being saved play out in your everyday life? This can make you appreciate your own spirituality more and how it affects your daily actions.

How Humble Am I in My Faith?

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Humility means knowing your place in God’s plan, and you should ask yourself, “How humble  am I in my faith?” Do you keep yourself in check, or is it easy to start feeling a bit too righteous? Keeping it real with how humble you are might be a wake-up call and will help you to know if you genuinely put others before yourself and acknowledge your flaws.

How Do I View Other Religions?

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It’s a big world out there with lots of beliefs, and how you view religions that aren’t your own can say a lot about your understanding of your own faith. Are you respectful, dismissive, or curious? Remember, understanding others can also help you understand your own faith better because it’ll give you a new perspective and challenge you to think about what you believe and why.

Am I Using My Talents for Good?

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Are you using your talents just for yourself, or are you spreading the wealth? Whether it’s singing or organizing, using your skills for the greater good can be incredibly fulfilling. You should keep finding ways to help others through your talents to uplift those around you and bring you closer to fulfilling your purpose.

Am I Working to Promote Peace?

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Christians are supposed to be peacemakers, both in personal relationships and on a larger scale. How are you doing with that? Take a look at how you do things on a daily basis and whether there are ways you could be a calmer, more peace-promoting force in your circle. Even the smallest of actions can ripple out in big ways and spread peace further than you might think.

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