18 Tough Questions Christians Need to Ask Themselves

SharePinEmailLiving a Christian life is not always an easy choice, and you will be met with many challenges, and often, you’ll be required to make sacrifices for your faith.  Throughout a Christian person’s life, it is necessary to engage in periods of reflection about the choices we are making and to consider whether we are…

Living a Christian life is not always an easy choice, and you will be met with many challenges, and often, you’ll be required to make sacrifices for your faith. 

Throughout a Christian person’s life, it is necessary to engage in periods of reflection about the choices we are making and to consider whether we are truly living in alignment with God. 

This can be a challenging process, as we may be forced to admit some difficult things about ourselves, and possibly our failings. It is still a positive thing to do, and it can lead to a deeper, stronger faith. 

Here are 18 uncomfortable questions that every Christian should ask themselves: 

“Do I pray often enough” 

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Prayer is your opportunity to have a conversation with God. It is your chance to thank him, to praise him, and to petition him for help and guidance with any challenges you are facing. 

God loves to hear from his children, and by praying more often you are deepening your relationship with him, and allowing more space for him to do good in your life.

“Am I setting a Christian example to others” 

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This is a great question as it asks us to reflect on whether how we are choosing to live our life is setting a good example to others. 

This question may cause us to think about ways we can set a better example, such as being kinder to strangers, drinking less alcohol, or making more of an effort with our local community. 

“Am I too judgmental of others” 

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“ Let any of you who have not sinned cast the first stone” John 8:7-11

Jesus taught us that we should not judge our brothers and sisters and that only God can judge us. It is so easy to judge people quickly, and harshly, so reminding ourselves of this Bible quote, and contemplating our judgmental nature can help us to be kinder and more considerate towards the circumstances of others.  

“Am I forthcoming with forgiveness as Jesus forgave me” 

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Forgiveness can be challenging for us all, whether we have been betrayed, lied to, or cheated on. Jesus teaches us to forgive our enemies and those who have wronged us. 

Asking ourselves this question can encourage us to let go of resentment and forgive others by releasing any hurt, pain, or grudges we may be harboring against our neighbors. 

“How can I help others in my community”

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Being a good Christian means being an active, and supportive member of the Church and the wider community. Sometimes we get so caught up in the routine of daily living that we can let our contribution to the community slide down our list of priorities. 

However, it’s never too late to get involved and you can always offer to help at Church events, or look online for local volunteering opportunities. 

“Am I loving my neighbor as myself”

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Jesus teaches us to love our neighbor as we do ourselves, and sometimes this is easier said than done. Whether we quarrel with a friend or have a dispute with a neighbor, this question prompts us to have compassion for other people in the same way we do for ourselves. 

“Do I go to Church enough”

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We are surrounded by distractions and have many competing demands that try to steal our time away from worship with God, and that is why we must make our faith and worship a priority.

Churches are emptier than ever as people fill their time with technology and entertainment, and it is helpful to remind ourselves that going to church is an important way to demonstrate our faith and love of God. 

“Do I practice what I preach”

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It can be easy to preach about the Bible, but to live out its words in action is much more challenging. Remember to ask yourself if you are practicing what you preach or are advising others to be kind and forgiving as Jesus taught, and make sure that you are doing the same. 

“Should I read the Bible more” 

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The Bible is like a manual that God left here for us to use for our guidance and protection on earth. By reading the Bible you can gain insight into God’s will, and learn about how he wants Christians to behave. 

It is so easy to let work, family, relationships, and social media get in the way of reading scripture, and asking ourselves questions like this reminds us to make Bible study a priority. 

“Am I doing enough to help those in need” 

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Jesus teaches us that good Christians help others in need, and it is easy to get so caught up in our problems and issues that we can become selfish and forget about all of the needy people in the world that we could be helping. 

By reminding ourselves that part of being a good Christian involves helping others, we can make efforts to demonstrate our faith through action by offering to help a neighbor or a friend in need. 

“Am I relying too much on my understanding” 

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The Bible tells us that we should not rely on our understanding of things, and to put our faith and trust in God who does all things for our highest good. 

It’s easy to get frustrated and disappointed about the events, and circumstances of life which often don’t seem fair, however, having faith in God’s will, can help us to defer our need for understanding to the Lord. 

“Do I thank God enough” 

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“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God”  Philippines 4:6 

We often feel the urge to pray whenever we need something, or when things are not going to plan, however, it’s just as important to make sure that we praise God daily and offer thanks, not only whenever we need God’s help. 

“Do I allow God’s Grace to work in my life” 

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If we ask for God’s help instead of trying to achieve everything alone, this allows God to intercept our efforts, and do good work in our lives. 

We can get so caught up in trying to get ahead, and our goals can consume our thoughts so that whether we are trying to pass exams at college, get a promotion at work, or fix our health with medical help, we should always ask for God’s help and allow his grace to support our efforts. 

“Am I an honest person” 

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“You shalt not give false testament against your neighbor” 

The Ninth Commandment 

It is important to try and maintain a sense of integrity and honesty wherever possible in life. True Christians do not lie or deceive others as this is considered sinful and breaks the ninth commandment sent by God. 

“Do I need to confess my sins to God” 

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As humans, we are all imperfect beings, and Jesus urges us to confess our sins and ask God for forgiveness. Throughout a Christian life, you may encounter sin many times despite your best efforts. That is why it is important to repent in prayer and confess to any wrongdoing regularly. 

“Am I ashamed to admit my Christian faith in front of others” 

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The Bible tells us that we should be proud of our faith and that we should never feel ashamed of being a Christian, however, it can be intimidating to be the only person of faith at a social event or in your group of friends, but Jesus says it is important to share your faith with others, and not to hide it. 

“Do I envy others?”

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“Thou shalt not covet” 

The Tenth Commandment 

You only have to engage with social media to be confronted with all of the wealth and worldly possessions of your friends and family who are posting pictures of their new car, home, or exotic holiday. While it can be easy to feel jealous of these things, God asks us not to be envious of others. 

In the tenth commandment, God said that it is wrong to envy your neighbor so we must remind ourselves often to be happy for the success of other people. 

“Am I willing to defend my faith” 

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The world is such a secular place now, and there appears to be less respect for people’s religious beliefs. As a Christian, it is important to be prepared to be challenged about your faith and to be ready to defend your belief in God when mocked, or challenged. 

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