17 Things Christians Get Wrong About Christianity

SharePinEmailDo you know everything about your faith? Chances are, even the most well-meaning Christians don’t know every integral detail about Christianity. You may have fallen for common misconceptions, or perhaps you have misunderstood a parable. But where should you go for unrivaled truths and an honest account of Christianity? Look no further, as we discover…

Do you know everything about your faith? Chances are, even the most well-meaning Christians don’t know every integral detail about Christianity. You may have fallen for common misconceptions, or perhaps you have misunderstood a parable. But where should you go for unrivaled truths and an honest account of Christianity?

Look no further, as we discover 17 things that Christians tend to get wrong about Christianity.

All Christians Are Good People

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Following a religion does not automatically make a person good, and Christianity is no exception. The character of a human being is based on their actions and how they implement the teachings of their faith. 

To be a “good person”, a Christian must follow the example of Jesus Christ, love all neighbors, and make unselfish decisions. Doing good deeds is another way that a Christian can become a good person, helping others and putting other people before your own needs, just like Jesus Christ did.

You Must Follow a Set of Rules

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The Bible does guide Christians into the correct path so they can make the best decisions. For example, a Christian should abide by the Ten Commandments and listen to the teachings of Jesus Christ and His followers. But the main focus of Christianity has nothing to do with rigid rules. 

The central focal point that all Christians should consider is loving God and loving others, treating people with fairness, and being selfless.

If You Go to Church, You Are a Christian

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Going to church enables a Christian to worship the Lord and form genuine community experiences. However, attending church on a Sunday does not make you a default Christian. Being a Christian is about taking Jesus Christ into your heart every second of every day, living your life in the image of the Lord, and doing what is right and just.

Christians Judge Sinners

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A true Christian never looks down on someone who has sinned, particularly if you are assuming an air of moral superiority. Jesus Christ taught that sinners should be shown compassion and understanding.

John 8:7: “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

Luke 5:32: “I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

Jesus Christ is teaching Christians to not judge someone who has sinned but to help them and show them the right path to take, asking for forgiveness.

You Must Be a Perfect Christian!

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We are all human beings who will make mistakes from time to time. No one is perfect! Even the most pious Christian may have feelings of selfishness, or anger towards another person. What is important is that you recognize the imperfection and learn how to address such behaviors. In this way, you can grow further on your Christian journey, reflecting on your own mistakes and not the faults of others. 

As Jesus Christ said in the Sermon on the Mount: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” (Matthew 7:1)

Focusing on the Afterlife

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Despite being the ultimate goal for any Christian, Heaven should not be the main focus. You have a life to make a difference so live in the present! Fight injustices and help the poor and sick, just like Jesus Christ did, living your life in His image.

Non-Christians Are Going to Hell

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It’s not just Heaven that some Christians focus on, but Hell as well! Try not to focus on Hell, or inform non-Christians that you think Hell is their ultimate destination! Instead, focus on sharing the message of Jesus Christ and draw non-Christians closer to you.

Christianity Is Opposed to Science

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On the face of it, many Christians assume that Christianity and science are incompatible. The most common example people debate is the Creation vs. Evolution argument. But Christianity and science can coexist, side-by-side.

There are many aspects of Christianity that science does agree with. For example, the Bible discusses the continental collision of tectonic plates, explaining that mountains that used to be under the oceans have now risen.

Psalm 104:6: “You covered it with deep waters as with a garment. The waters stood above the mountains.

The Bible Doesn’t Understand the Physical World

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Without a doubt, there are many references in the Bible to the physical world, recognizing scientific and geological facts such as climate and weather processes. For example, the Bible recognizes weather processes which are unequivocal scientific facts today.

Job 36:27, 28: “He draws the drops of water; they condense into rain from his mist; then the clouds pour it down; they shower down upon mankind.

Using the Bible to Judge Others

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The Bible should never be used as a weapon. So, even when you are trying to prove a point to your non-Christian friends or colleagues, be aware that you are misusing and weaponizing the Bible. 

The Bible is a guide that aims to inspire us, helping us to focus on loving one another and living our lives in the image and love of Jesus Christ. Never take those words for a negative purpose.

You Can’t Have Doubts About Religion

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A natural part of being a human and possessing free will is that you can question what you are told and what you have read. This includes religion and that’s okay! Ask God to help guide you when you are doubting your faith. Chances are, your questions will bring you closer to God.

Forgetting What Christianity Brings You

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It can be easy to focus on the sacrifices and personal journeys that Christians experience. But, never forget that Christianity brings you and everyone around you joy and peace, providing you with a true purpose.

Christians Must Agree on Everything

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Whilst all Christians believe in the Word of the Lord and the fundamentals of Christianity, it is essential to remember that we are all individual people. Each of us comes from diverse backgrounds and has had unique lived experiences that shape our thoughts, feelings, and understanding.

Bible interpretations might then differ between Christians. You might debate about what a specific parable means across the dinner table, or in the staff room. But that’s okay! As long as you hold love in your heart and treat others with respect and courtesy. 

Christians Live in Constant Fear

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Some people stereotype Christians as being full of fear and guilt, living under the wrath of God. Whilst sinful actions do have consequences and should be understood and avoided, the main focus of Christianity is love, hope, and forgiveness. Jesus Christ offers you unconditional love as long as you take Him into your heart.

Christianity is for a Specific Race

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Christianity is a global faith; God loves everyone! Our faith welcomes people from all backgrounds and cultures, helping to guide anyone on the path to their own salvation. Never exclude anyone who wants to listen to the Word of the Lord as that is a truly un-Christian thing to do. In America, 79% of black people are Christians, in contrast to 70% of white people, when measuring Christians by race and ethnicity.

Christianity is a Solo Journey

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Whilst welcoming Jesus Christ into your heart is a personal experience, you need support from others in your community, and they need your support too! Sharing your victories as well as your struggles helps Christians to grow on their journey.

Jesus Christ Always Did the Right Thing

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Whilst Jesus Christ did always act morally and lovingly, society and the authorities at the time did not think He always acted correctly. Jesus Christ stood up for what was right, not what was socially accepted or bound by law.

It was unheard of to question authorities, for example. Jesus Christ condemned the self-righteous and hypocritical behavior of the scribes and Pharisees in Matthew 23 and the “Seven Woes”.

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